April 20, 2015 at 10:55PM


Well built Shoulder Rig

Howdy! So, I always see these posts and articles on cheap, diy shoulder rigs. Well, I don't want something cheap. I want a rig that'll last 5 years and beyond. I've been doing some research and scanning the internet but seem to come up short on finding quality information on good shoulder rigs. Yes, someone's going to scream wooden camera, I get it, but I don't want to spend 2k. I'd say my budget is a $1,000. I like the idea of building it out piece by piece so later on I can add, subtract, etc, instead of buying a whole new rig. So what companies out there make quality parts that are industry standard? Smallrig? Walimex? Shoot35? or is there product crap? Am I totally out of luck and need to choose to spend the two grand on wooden camera for quality or go with a descent rig like redrock?

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