September 16, 2016 at 12:34PM, Edited September 16, 1:28PM


SINNER - a post-apocalyptic witch hunt with robots. Would you watch it?

In a dystopian future where the world has devolved into a pre-industrial state, the Purists rule supreme. The Purists blame technology for all the world’s past ills, and have deemed it to be inherently sinful.

A handful of Companions, human-like artificial intelligence, have managed to make it through the apocalypse. They survive the only way they can – by hiding in plain sight.

Starring: Karen Knox and Christian McKenna
Written, Directed and Edited by yours truly.

As of now, I'm wrapping up post on a self-financed 15-minute proof of concept, the eventual goal being a feature. Just wanted to put it out there to you lovely people and get your sentiments.

Shot on RED with Lomo anamorphics.

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