April 9, 2018 at 9:01AM

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Advice on a putting together a show reel for a Sound Designer/Recordist

Hi All,

I'm a Sound Designer/Recordist who has worked on a few short films and now I need to put together a show reel. Any one got any advice on putting together a show reel targeted at sound?

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Hi Mathew, I have two ideas to share with you:
1. Create a story of sound you would like to, and visualise it. This should be a creative audio and visual feat with a story line of some sort.
2. Talk about the most difficult / creative job you have enjoyed doing. You explain the problems and how you came about the solutions. Actual footage of those scenes will jazz up the video. Location could be a your work place lit with diffused spot light (tungsten) and dark background. Your face should have light as if coming from the monitor before you (bluish white).
3. Shoot your self (in a noisy environment) talking about how you can get clean audio in a very noisy environment and demonstrate your skill. Basically you demonstrate your skills by 'before & after' approach.
That's all I can think now. This will be an interesting video to work in. All the best. Do share your video once done.

April 20, 2018 at 8:08PM

Dibyendu Joardar
Director of Photography

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