February 3, 2018 at 12:28AM


Aspiring DP. Is Flash necessary?

Hi. I started my education on learning cinematography last year. I had little money so bought a Canon t3i and installed Magic Lantern. Speaking to a few DPs they said to invest in lights and/or lenses before getting a fancy camera body. Past few months have been renting different lenses from Kitsplit and Sharegrid.

I am ready to buy lights and plan to do a photoshoot for a friends clothing line soon. I bought a nice 10x20 backdrop, light stands, and reflectors. Building a studio in my living room and I have a shoot coming up for a friend's clothing line. I rather not invest in strobe lights (that I see photographers use in their fashion shoots all the time) if my end goal is to do cinema work and not solely studio fashion shoots. My budget is around $3-500 right now and rather put that towards lights I can use for video and not just photo. Can I just buy some decent lights, set up my shot (as if it was a narrative scene), and snap away? Do I NEED flash/strobe lights?

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You can do that if your model won't be moving or jumping around much. Photographers use strobe/flash equipment to freeze motion and to utilize smaller apertures which, increases depth of field. Continuous light, unless really powerful, will limit you to a fairly motionless model, wider apertures, resulting in shallow depth of field (not necessarily a bad thing) and slower shutter speeds which, may induce blur.

February 3, 2018 at 8:02AM

Richard Krall

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