January 19, 2016 at 7:37AM

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Best DSLR for Run & Gun


I have Canon 6D and planning to invest on another DSLR body or a cheap handycam for run&gun interviews. The shots I do usually are a host/correspondent telling the story while walking, moving, showing something. This means, the lens' focus should follow the person continously.

With 6D, it's not easy. 70D has a continous focus but is it good enough? Second is, if it's not good enough of risky to trust to the camera, is focusing the person via touching to the screen (and face recognition) trustable, or not?

On the other hand, same features (except the touch screen) are built in to the 7D mark II and it's a way better sturdy camera. Does the touch screen changes the usage that much? Or should I prefer 7D mark II?

Honestly, I don't want to buy a video camera/handycam since I want to use my lenses and DSLRs have Magic Lantern, and also I can use them as a photo camera.


I had a 7D mk1 and has been my favorite camera use. I now use the GH4, 5D mkiii and a7s. The GH4 has a touchscreen but nothing beats physical buttons in my opinion. The 7D had one of the best button layouts I've used so far. I could change settings instantly without looking at the camera. It's almost imposible to do that with a touchscreen. I've never really liked the way continuous autofocus looks on most dslrs. They tend to go just past the focus point and then re-focus. It's too distracting for me. What is your budget? For what it's worth, you can always rent the cameras your interested in and if you like it, some shops will subtract the rental fee from your new purchase.

Between the 70D and the 7Dmkii?

Tough choice... the 70D has the swivel screen but the 7D is better in low light and the 7D can shoot in 60fps in 1080.

Spec wise the 7D wins because of the 1080 @60fps and it has a headphone jack and is a better all around camera BUT shooting a moving subject is going to be very difficult without that swivel screen. They both have continuous autofocus.

So between the 70D and the 7Dmkii, if I were you and because you're doing run&gun type of shooting then I would pick the 70D only because of the swivel screen. That's the one thing I wished the 7D had.

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Adolph Lopez

If you want to keep you 6d as first camera, then you are right to stay with canon dslr as the difference of color and sharpness you get with a A7 or GH4 dont match very well with canon dslr.
As you say that you main concern is to have a reliable autofocus then the 70D is the best you can get in the dslr market and it is known to be very reliable. For the toughness I think there is no worry with the 70D, the 7D is the toughest aspecially if you shoot in extreme conditions like in tropical area but for our counties the 70D must be enough. I have 600D, witch is way cheaper, that I have use in the desert by 45°C, in the snow by -20°C, in Thailand during the rain season and it's still working perfectly fine so I think there is no worry to have with the 70D in terms of toughness.
Otherwise for this kind of work I now use the new dji Osmo and as it is always in focus it's great to follow poeple who move around showing things.

January 22, 2016 at 5:19AM


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