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Best Low Budget Solo-Doc Sound System?

After making a short where I rented a bunch of fancy equipment and had about 30 people involved, I want to make something on my own for cheap. I'm planning a documentary to shoot on an iphone (got the whole tangerine setup) and would love some suggestions about a decent/affordable sound system. Most of the doc will be shot in a studio with one person (a visual artist). Having two mics would be nice for other scenes I'd like to get. There are a lot of setups recommended online, it's a bit overwhelming. I'd prefer wireless mics. Just looking to keep it in the 1500 range if possible. Can I do it with only wireless mics? I see some setups recommend wireless in addition to having a boom setup. But for what I'm doing there will only be one maybe two people talking.

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At the end of the day, good sound is all about signal-to-noise ratio, for some definition of signal and some definition of noise. Lav mics can pick up a lot of signal without a lot of room noise (or echo or slap or boom or any other negative artifacts) but they are susceptible to clothing noise (or anything else that might touch them). A good lav mic signal can feed room reverb in post and sound natural.

Boom mics have the benefit that the talent cannot interfere with them by touching or brushing them. They also naturally capture enough room to sound good without capturing so much that they sound bad.

$1500 is a lot of money to spend on an experiment. You can probably rent a wireless setup from a local church or high school theater dept for much less. Then buy when you really know what you want to do.

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