July 14, 2015 at 10:27AM


Best resolution to shoot in?

I am shooting a short film soon with my GH4 and I am not quite sure what resolution I should shoot the film with. The goal is to show the film online, but also on some theaters/festivals if we are so lucky.

At first I wanted to shoot the film in Cine 4K, but now I am doubting if this is the best option. 90% of the movie will be normal 24fps, but there will be some shots shot in 96fps. So is it reasonable or even necessary for the output resolution to be 4K, what will happen to those 1080p slomo shots?

Or should I shoot in 4K as I first planned and then render it to a output format of 1080p? I would like to know is it worth it to shoot in 4K and mix in some 1080p shots, or should I just film the entire film in 1080p?


Always shoot in 4K with your GH4...

1- The 1080 mode on the GH4 can have a small amount of aliasing and moire, while the DCI 4K format that your GH4 shoots that have NO moire. ( 4K UHD mode can sometimes show a tiny bit of moire, but it's pretty rare compared to shooting in 1080 HD )

2- You will always have the option of reframing your 1080 HD shots in post if your shoot everything in 4K. Some people will even shoot slightly wider compositions to ensure the maximum amount of 1080 HD reframing is possible.

3- Some day you might want to release a 4K version of your film, so if you've already shot everything in 4K you are covered.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Awesome, thanks Guy! Very good points.

July 15, 2015 at 4:42AM

Visa Niemeläinen
Film Student/Cinematographer

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