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Business Cards for a freelancer

Hi everyone,
I have recently been accepted into my first film festival (yay!) and I feel as though I need to have some sort of business card to hand out to any sort of connections I may make during my three days at the festival. However, I'm not really sure how I should title myself on the cards. While my end goal is writing and directing film/tv I know that is a LONG way away, but I would like any possible connection to keep that in mind when they think of me.
Currently, I am doing freelance promotional work, mainly for nonprofits so far, as a one person crew and I'm hoping to get some regional PA gigs.
To get the most longevity out the cards past festival weekend I feel like it should say "freelance ________" Content Creator? Filmmaker? Video Creator? Director/Producer? Something else? No title and just my name? Or are business cards antiquated and I shouldn't even worry about it?
If it's helpful, here's a link to my portfolio www.jessicachriesman.wordpress.com

Thanks so much for your help!



I was in the same boat when I got my business cards. I wanted them to lead to work in the future, so I had two goals with it:

1. Make sure people don't throw them away. That is hard, but usually just requires a really sharp design, and great quality cards. See Steve Wozniak's metal cards. I found that Moo cards are really great for this, specifically the thick ones. Every time I give one out, the person comments on the quality, which I hope associates my name in their mind with quality. They are pricey, but worth it if you are giving them to potential clients. Also, as we are in a very creative field, think about how to make your card stand out, cards are old tech, but can be impactful. Make yours out of old scripts, filmstock or wood.

2. I decided to put my name on it, then main title underneath that as "Videographer" as that covers the widest range of my work. Elsewhere on the card I did list out the different services I provided, but stuck to Videographer as my main title, and I am still able to use them years later.

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Jonathan Goossen
International Videographer

I just discovered Moo like yesterday and the have some really nice designs! I'm gonna see if I can incorporate director, editor, and videographer, with filmmaker maybe in bold on the card, if it doesn't look too cluttered. Thanks!

Jessica Chriesman

October 29, 2015 at 9:07PM

director, editor and videographer plus filmmaker is way too cluttered.
Better make it filmmaker then.

(directing, editing, filming)

Don't forget to contact everyone you got a card from afterwards and try to kep in touch. Most people just collect businesscards and then wonder why nobody mails/calls them.

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Director, DOP, Writer, Editor, Producer

Mine reads "Cinematographer Director Filmmaker"

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While the reasoning here makes sense, I would consider a card for the festival. You have a movie in the festival. You're a filmmaker, not a PA! Buy a small box of cards to promote your achievement.

Call yourself a filmmaker, and skip the other titles. Filmmaker can cover director, producer, cinematographer, etc. Secondly, why not promote your movie, which will promote you? You could put it on the back side of the card:
Please watch _Jessica's Movie_ at the XYZ Festival.

That elevates you beyond PA level and likely changes the opinion most people leave with. Practically everyone freelances, so no need to reference that.

When you talk to someone, don't forget to ask to exchange cards, or shamelessly ask to photograph their badges. "Thanks, Patricia. I enjoyed talking to you about ____. I'm going to snap a photo of your badge for my notes/later reference/to help me remember your great tip/etc."

Then comes the really hard part we all say we'll do: follow up.

And, if you have cards left over, use them. Potential clients will be impressed that your movie was in a festival.

Your Wordpress page says you've produced 170 videos?! That's a lot for someone just out of college. There are people who have worked for years who don't have that much experience. That should feature prominently. Lose all the 'I did this, I do that' and lead with things like
Produced 170+ videos for …
Won 2015 Award as producer of …

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You voted '+1'.
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