March 18, 2015 at 11:24AM


C shape or cage support for my DSLR rig?

I'm building a 15mm rig for my Canon 5D, at the moment I allready have a Follow Focus and the baseplate with two 15mm rods. I want to expand my rig, but I'm not sure what to buy, a C shape or cage support for my DSLR rig?


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Ooooh I'd love to say both! The C shape handle is awesome! I reckon an absolute must for a shoulder rig. I tend to use my handle on the rig for heaps of low angle shots with my A7s as it has the tilting LCD screen, but the 5D doesn't have this, sorta makes the handle less appealing. Cage would be great to build into the rig for the additional mounting holes, but it all depends on how many accessories you plan to have coming off this rig. If it's just a mic and a led light and maybe a monitor you can easily achieve the same result with a couple of magic arms.

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