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"Lake" - A short film by Daniel Blumensev, shooting in ZURICH (SWISS) APRIL 2015, around 4-5 days needed (dates of your availability will be agreed upon)
Casting for 2 Roles:
MITCH (LEAD): white male, APPEAR between 18-20yrs old, big, bulky, tough, tall, arrogant, rude, insecure, hot-headed, constant talker, able to do generic american accent, Ben Affleck or Channing Tatum kind of guy
LAKE (SUPPORTING): white female, to APPEAR between 16-17yrs old, kind, pretty, fragile, miniature, short, able to do a generic american accent, Audrey Hepburn kind of girl
*Acting experience is preferred*
Contact: if you're interested.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Drama
Synopsis: After waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to remember what happened to him, Otto gets a phone call from his best friend Mitch who reminds Otto to pick him and his girlfriend up for a weekend getaway at a cabin up in the mountains. Shortly after their arrival, Mitch's girlfriend: Lake goes missing. As the clock keeps ticking and Mitch's patience and trust runs low, Otto tries his best to remember what happened to him the night before, hoping this memory to be the answer to all the mysterious events that have been revolving around them throughout the night.


ok, if I hear something a pass to you.

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Rag├╝el Cremades
Film producer and director

Thank you!

Daniel Blumensev

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