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Casting callback tips

Hi nofilmschool.

I'm running a shoot where we are casting 3 actors for a video where they will be singing & shaving. I have casting specs that I'm working from and have gone through a batch of potential guys. I've picked out my favorites which seem to mesh with the agency's.

My question is, on the day of callbacks - what all should I be looking for from the guys? I am thinking of having them run through the different ways I'd like them to play the actions - normal, medium, high energy. I also have some specific comedic gags that i'd like to see them play.

Is there anything else I should consider? This is my first time as director on the callbacks, normally I'm playing art director.


yeah exactly - you want to give them some directions to see how they take direction. Some actors, even if they seem great the first time, will have a very limited range and even after you give them direction will keep doing more-or-less the same thing. That's something you should test for. I'd even come up with an off-the-wall direction that you'd never use like, "can you sing like your girlfriend just broke up with you and shaving reminds you of her?" something crazy, just to see how present they are. If you're casting multiple performers for the same scene sometimes it's nice to use callbacks to test chemistry between, say, this actor and this actress.

April 6, 2018 at 12:03PM

Raafi Rivero

Awesome, that's some great feedback! I love what you're saying about really testing them with something way out there, I will definitely try this. Thanks for the answer!

Nate Brown

April 8, 2018 at 10:44PM

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