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Documentary short post production workflow/organization for FCP X?

Hi All.
I'm working on finishing my first documentary short and now that I've arrived at post-production, the inexperience is really emerging and I'm feeling overwhelmed.

I need to whittle 25 hours of footage down to 20 minutes. To avoid, assumed knowledge, I am a self-taught aspiring filmmaker and fairly new to the software.

I'm using FCP X (my camera's codec is only compatible with FCP X or I'd prefer Premiere CS6).

To be concise, I'm hoping to get either step by step recommendations/visuals on a post-production workflow + organization, or referrals to thorough but concise overviews on workflow advice. Thanks so much!

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Hi Cotton,

FCP X can definitely be overwhelming if you're used to more traditional NLEs (like Premiere), but has a lot of workflow functionality that can make your life easier. Here's the very quick high-level overview of how you want to think about workflow steps:

- Master organization: library/events
- Import media
- Organize assets: set keywords/favorites/rejects
- Edit assembly
- Spice: color, sound, effects, titling
- Export

If you want more explanation on any of those steps, let me know and I'll elaborate!

Also, I'm Apple-certified in FCP X and will be releasing a crash-course in FCP X workflow pretty soon — I'd be happy to share it with you before it goes public if you'd like (shoot me an email through my website listed on my profile here).

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Chad Stembridge

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