December 6, 2017 at 11:10AM


DPs: How do you know about "old glass"

New to photography and cinematography. Have a Canon t3i (with magic lantern) because I want to get better at lighting and rather invest in solid lenses before upgrading the body. Question is, how do you know about "old glass"? I hear some DP's say "i bought this lens from the 1970's because I like the look of this 'old glass'" or something a long those lines. I know about lens sizes, aperture, Dof, all of the basics. I've been renting lenses for my shoots to practice and get a feel for what I should end up buying. But how do you know what you're going to get if you invest in an old lens? Do you guys do research first? Is it just something you should know as a DP/Photographer?

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Older lenses are typically softer, less perfect (eg. soft around the edges, vignetting, uneven bokeh etc) and most importantly affordable. So you might choose an old vintage lens if you want a glass with character.
They're more of a hobby though, not an investment. If you're looking for "Solid lenses", go for modern ones you can rely on and let the rabbit hole of vintage lenses be a fun side thing.

December 6, 2017 at 12:50PM

Tobias N
Director of Photography

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