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Hello people,
so we're stuck for a month now with one simple? problem that should actually not happen - we finished the edit of our short film and now want to Export from Premiere Pro (CC 2017.1.2.Build 11.1.2 (22)) to ProTools 12 - so what regularly works as I've come to learn Export OMF-File and Import into PT - now this doesn't work for us as an error always occurs, no matter what changes we make in the export settings for the OMF - other Export-Options like AAf or XML also didn't work so far...the Sound-Designer and I are simply at our wits' end.
Only option left would be exporting single audio tracks one by one and then rebuilding the rough audio cut from our edit, which is also possible, but shouldn't be necessary at the technical possibilities we have nowadays -

does anyone feels touched by this problem, have heard/dealt with it before or knows something?
Anything helps - much appreciated
and the good thing already, finally made me create a profile in here...it's been about a long time I should've done this...

greetz from Berlin

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I found a possible solution for you here:

Let me know if that works.

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Glenn Bossik

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