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Film Camera

Hello again everyone. So, my girlfriend told me that she was planning on buying me a film camera for Christmas but is stuck on what to get me. Under the $500 price range, I know that I want a 16mm to basically learn how to shoot, edit etc. on film. With her generous offer I would love some suggestions since I am unfamiliar with film cameras myself but I would LOVE to learn how to do it. I am, just learning but VERY serious about filmmaking.

**Also, Lens Suggestions.***
(I had so much success on my last post regarding questions about the A7SII that I figured I'd post this.)

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Glad you're interested in shooting film.

Within your budget, the two most popular choices are the Bolex H16 and the Krasnogorsk-3 K3. Both are hand wound, and remarkably satisfying to use in that way many old cameras are. Both are easy to find on Ebay, clean, tested, and with multiple lenses.

The downsides to both:
1) Being hand wound rather than possessing a crystal sync motor, it will be difficult to sync sound, if at all possible.
2) Even if you can sync sound, the cameras are loud.
3) They hold less film than other cameras, and might not hold film as steady in the H16's case, leading possibly to a juddery image.

If you can get past those difficulties, those are wonderful starter cameras for 16mm and a joy to use.

December 14, 2015 at 7:00PM

Jacob Floyd
Writer / Videographer

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