August 13, 2017 at 12:23AM


Film Festivals Resubmitting My Film to Other Festivals?

Hi, a few months ago I submitted my student film to a number of festivals. I received a decline from one of them which included the phrase, "You can rest assured that we'll be trying to get some of these titles placed at other fests in the coming months." I wrote back asking what exactly this entailed, but got no answer. This morning I received a decline from another festival, and then in my spam box I found an email from a festival I had NOT submitted my film to, saying that "Congratulations! "Your entry "" into the [festival name] festival has been received..." and that I had paid an entry fee of $0.

Is this a normal procedure? Do festivals pass around the films they decline to other festivals? Doesn't this affect the filmmaker's control over premiere status? I'd really appreciate to hear back from someone who's been through this process before, since I don't know who to ask. Thanks!


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