October 16, 2015 at 10:28AM


First Big Event - How did I do?

Hey folks,
This was my first bigger event I've covered. I've done a lot of little smaller ones but this one allowed me to work with other videographers and logistics people. Overall it was super fun, I had the opportunity to try the A7s with the Shogun (for 4k) on a Ronin and it was really an exciting project. I got feedback from a lot of people the ran the event, however I want to get feedback on pretty much everything I did wrong (some constructive criticism ;). Thanks in advance!

Clark M



Hey Clark,

Just watched your video and thought I would share a few observations I have:

1. Clean shots, they look great, and have excellent clarity
2. The music doesn't build up with the energy of the night. The moment when it does start to build ~0:45, the shot is a low-energy shot - it doesn't convey engagement. I would recommend for the next event overview you do to edit in sync with the music. I tend to go through my music piece and drop a marker on the beats or on the moments when the music shifts, then drop the dramatic high-energy shots on the drop.
The music ramps up at the very end, but at that point your logo is already showing and the video is done. I would have started the song 10-20 seconds earlier, so that the buildup is a lot sooner in the video, and then you can match excited fans with the excited music.
E.g. - One moment where the music could drop would be when the performer hits the pedal at 0:25.
3. The shot at 0:51, I would put that at the beginning, as that is an opening shot, seems strange that the guy is coming out midway through the video. Structurally, shots with people milling around 0:34, could work well as an intro before we see who is on stage, then we have the reveal of the man on stage with the music.

Just some thoughts, let me know if you want me to clarify on any points, and what a cool experience to be able to film!

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Jonathan Goossen
International Videographer

Wow great tips thank you! Will keep in mind for my next shoot! I wasn't the ditor this is just what I slapped together with my footage but thanks a ton. I'll include those ideas in my next vid.

Clark McCauley

December 1, 2015 at 9:00AM

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