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How do I start without anyone to make videos with?

Okay, so I'm a freshman in high school and I want to start making videos and films and skits. My only problem is I have no one to help me out. I can't write, I can act but it's very bad I'm more into the camera work and the gear side of it. I want to do like camera operation
But I'm scared to start and I really don't have many friends to help me out.
So should I work in camera operation with my camera and get a hold of it and shoot other things? Or should I try to find other people to do it with. I dont have any experience so that doesn't help. I'm kinda scared to do anything out of making bad content. Like have you seen what people say about bad content it's scary. I'm all over the place but idk any advice???? Thanks c:


It takes specialists to do something as complex as a video production well, even more for film. I'm not saying you have to have 200 people to make skits etc. 3-4 usually do the trick, plus whoever your actors are. It's just that when people pick one thing, they get better at it. On the other hand, if you try to do everything, you can never really get good because you're stretched too thin and don't get into a rhythm.

I started doing video production when I was about your age and was pretty bad at it at first, but I worked (mostly camera or audio (not at the same time)) with others that were better than me so I got better. I suggest seeing if there's an informal group in your area. There may be a Facebook page or a locally hosted site. Down the road, you may consider starting a group in your school, but not till you have some training. That brings me to my final point, not everybody with experience knows what they're doing. There are so many self-taught solo production people that it's getting hard to find good help. Those who are self-taught develop bad habits and are sometimes unwilling to learn proper procedures. In the professional world, people get fired for ignoring the Director of Photography's instructions, repeatedly standing on cables etc. That said, I'd rather work with somebody like you, who has enthusiasm and no habits or pride to fight. Beware, camera operators and other crew are rapidly being replaced by automation, so it's getting hard to find stable work in this industry.

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School newspaper. You may not necessarily be interested in journalism, but journalists are storytellers just like filmmakers. Most journalists love writing, they'll make the story you just have to translate it visually. It may not be the most exciting work, especially in high school, but it will give you experience working the camera and editing.

Oh, and the first stuff you make is going to be horrible. The first stuff anyone makes is horrible. You're going to make mistakes. It's much better to make them now in high school.

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Is there no theatergroup in highschool?
There you might someone who wants to write and actors.

In he mean time, don't be afraid to shoot things and 'fail'.
You are learning. Remember your very first drawing as a toddler?
Was it any good? I bet not.
Did you like it? Probably and you got better and better.

The only way you can truly fail is not by making bad stuff, but by making nothing.
The more you do, the better you will get.

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Community college, if it's an option where you are. Production classes, not film theory or any of that stuff. Even if you don't care about getting a certificate, or AA, or transferring, you'll meet a ton of people who just want to make stuff. Volunteer to work on everyone's class projects. Read a lot of technical stuff. Read camera manuals. Make yourself the person that people know can help. Learn shoot etiquette. Be nice to everyone. The best thing you can be when you don't have experience is reliable and friendly. Figure out which other students are serious about wanting to work in video production and stay in contact with them. Most the people you go to school with won't find work for a while, but some will. You want to be the person that they recommend as a PA or 2nd AC.
At least that's what worked for me.

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I was in your position 2 years ago. My advice would just be to ask your friends even if they aren't currently into it. 2 years ago a new kid at my school asked me and a few others to help him make skits with him, they were all awful and embassing but its where I fell in love with the process. So ask your friends because they might have an itch they don't even know they need to scratch

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