August 3, 2018 at 8:11AM, Edited August 3, 8:12AM


Nucleus-M with Atomos recorders/monitors

Hello everybody, I am wondering if anyone has successfully sent a start/stop Lanc command from the Tilta lens control system Nucleus-M to an Atomos recorder. In my case that would specifically be the Ninja Assassin. I reached out to both companies by email and Twitter and neither seems to have run a test, which seems short sighted if you consider the Venn diagram of both markets.

Atomos writes:
"[…]They are LANC, but it needs a dedicated trigger like this one from Gentles… Maybe you can ask them about your specific application"

Tilta writes:
"Thank you for contacting Tilta. We have a lanc cable but we have not tested it with the Atomos. If I hear of more updates I will let you know."

So I am curious, do any of you have experience with this specific combo?

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