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Question about frame rate in this example video...

In the video above, the whole scene around but especially at 1:59 to 2:04 into the video it feels like the frame rate or some other unseen work is going on here, the action seems a lot more crisp and choppy in a sense. Other scenes in the video feel like your typical 24/60fps and such but that scene in particular feels like it's kicked up a notch! Can anyone elaborate on this for me? I love the feel of it and would like to give it a try!


First thing that stands out is the use of global shutter on that camera. Often times with strobes, you'll get strobes on the top of the frame and not the bottom but thats not happening here. So thats part one of this look.

Part two of the look would be the lack of a 180˚ shutter. For usual narrative work with "normal" amounts of motion blur, shooters will double their frame rate and set that number as their shutter speed. Due to the lack of motion blur and hard edge, I believe part of the effect is a shutter angle higher than 180˚. A good example of this is in the action scenes of Saving Private Ryan. It looks crisp and choppy, just as you're describing and most of that was done by just upping the shutter speed.

September 8, 2014 at 7:08PM

Aidan Gray
Director of Photography Assistant Camera | Gaffer

Thanks Aidan, that was a very clear and informative answer!

Juan Sanchez

September 9, 2014 at 8:24AM

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