March 22, 2016 at 4:10PM


Scale Up? Scale Down?

I recently filmed about half of a short film in 720p on an iPhone so I could get slow motion, and the other half on my Canon 60D in 1080p. Before I export I either have to scale up the 720p footage to 1080p, or scale down the 1080p footage to 720p. Which would be the better option?

Side note: There is more 1080p footage in the film than 720p footage.


I find it can be a bit of subjective thing. If 1080p is your final format, I'd first watch the film with the 720p upscaled and look very carefully to see if there's a jarring difference in the noise and compression between the two. If it's unnoticeable on a good monitor, you're done!

If it's too obvious, then downscale the 1080p to 720p and export your project as 1080p. Your whole film will be slightly degraded, but at least it'll be consistent between shots.

March 22, 2016 at 8:26PM

Mike Racine

Mike Racine makes good points, especially the one about actually using your own eyes to make the decision. You may find that with the same cameras and the same settings, upscale works best for footage you shot one year, and downscale works best (because of different subjects, lighting, atmosphere, whatever) for footage you shot another year. Don't just assume that one single experiment (or worse, internet opinion) is true for all time in all circumstances. Video is an art, and art demands that you always question, always challenge, in order to find the truth.

March 22, 2016 at 8:47PM


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