September 1, 2015 at 8:46PM


Short Film Trailer - thoughts??

Hey guys, just released the first official trailer for a short film I wrote and directed, and I'd love some constructive criticism on it. I'm not interested in discussing the gear or any of that stuff, just would love to know what you thought in terms of effectiveness, story, visuals, ultimately--does it seem like something you'd spend 20 mins of your life watching? And what does it make the film appear to be about/the genre of the film? I also did the editing and music so any thoughts on those would be great too. I'll preemptively say thanks for the feedback, it's very much appreciated!

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Great title sequence and music. Cinematography looks very good. The sequence of scenes in the trailer was confusing to me because they seemed perhaps linear in terms of the way the story is told, but not linear in terms of time. In a longer format, you can justify flash backs or parallel story lines, but I don't want to be lost in the trailer. I want to know the arc, not the way the story is told. I also felt as if the trailer gave me too much info about the guy, and not enough about the girl.

The scene of the man praying "let this be the one" is very powerful. What's the equivalent statement on the other side. Is it "I know this is the one"? Is it "This is the one that ...". Is it "This is the one that I will ..."? Is it "This is the last one that will ..."? Is it "Am I the one that will ...?"

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