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Solution for traveling light /W Monopod or Tripod?

I'm using canon DSLR and most of the time shooting outside traveling with no more then a back pack.
At some weekends traveling with a dirt bike so dont have much room for equipment.
I'm thinking about buying a monopod with fluid head like the manfrotto MVM500A for a all-in-one (steady-solid-light-quick set up) solution.

before buying, Would like to hear from you if you have any solution for traveling light only with a back pack on bikes\ bicycles Etc. It's important that the equipment will be good quality so it will survive out at the field.

*btw recommendations for a good padded back pack will be great :)


Tough decision. It depends on what you think you'll be shooting mostly? Any time lapses? I would say go with the mono pod, I think it will free you up a bit. Also I use this backpack when on the road:

December 12, 2014 at 9:43AM

Lukas Withak

No. I'm not planning to do time lapses at all.
just shot some vids of us traveling w our bikes.
I think the monopod will be a really good solution...

Chuck Pro

December 18, 2014 at 4:32AM

Hmm, that's a tough decision. Unless you plan on doing time lapses or think you will have a significant use for a locked down shot, I would go with the mono pod to give you some freedom. Maybe take a gorilla pod as well in case?
When i'm on the road i use this backpack:

December 12, 2014 at 9:45AM

Lukas Withak

I do a lot of shooting around NYC and pack everything on my bike. Needless to say, I travel light. I fell in love with the Sirui monopod for four reasons. (1) It breaks down into 2 pieces for easier packing. My old Manfrotto couldn't do that. (2) Feet were longer for better stability. (3) It has a turning lock mechanism so you can leave your camera steady like a tripod. Although, I'm still hesitant to just leave it locked without being attended. (4) Because you can break it into 2 pieces, you have a built in high hat.

This is the most expensive version, but I need the largest due to my height (6'4"):

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