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Sony a7II vs. a7S + lenses

I’m giving up my canon 5D to buy a sony a7II or a7S. I do not care too much about 4K and slow-mo, and that’s when I find the a7S overpriced. So I’m considering the a7II because then I can use it for photography, too. And the price will allow me to buy either a new zoom or a prime lens.
Currently I work in a somewhat run and gun style when traveling, but I also do stuff in a more controlled environment – in any case I’d like to keep a small kit that can do a lot on my travels.

I have a Canon 24-70mm/2.8 and Canon 70-200mm IS/2.8 (both first versions, and I don’t find the 24-70 all that great). A DP friend suggested I’d get the Sigma 24-105/4. He has the second Canon version which he’s happy with for his documentaries, but he has the a7S.
Is there any point in exchanging the 24-70/2.8 to the Sigma, if I get the a7II?

For more controlled situations I was thinking of getting a prime (one to start with and when I can, get a few more), both to have a light weight alternative, but also to get more image quality out of the situation. Bokeh is much appreciated.
I’ve seen that many recommend the Rokinon cine lenses, and I was considering that series, but some say it’s not for photos, why?
What keeps me back is the weight of the lenses, compared to the Sony series. Then again the price keeps me back.
Any comments?

Thank you so much for reducing my stress!

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Ask yourself one question: Do you need super lowlight? Well most people would like th have it but most people don't really need it. And the A7II does a really good job in the dark as well.
4K isn't important for you so go with the A7II because that might be the right camera for you and also it safes you some $$$ as known.

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