May 21, 2017 at 10:17AM


Sound recording setup help required

I am starting a project that revolves around documentary, live music, recording scenes in open etc. Calling it micro budget film wont be wrong. I am using couple of DSLRs with 3-4 lens. For lighting setup, im using mostly DIY stuff. Now I dont want the audio to ruin the whole thing so I am willing to invest there! Budget? Well you know good, its a micro budget project and the less the better. But I have some cash to get decent sound. For example a Tascam/Zoom recorder with few mics? Lav mics? Condenser mics? Better recorders? I dont know, Im listening to you. 'The less the better'. Or you can assume, <50% of what iv spent on cameras (including lens). Please recommend me two or three bundled options so that I can pick up one bundle!

Thanks in advance!

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The one thing that's going to make the greatest improvement to your sound is having somebody actively monitoring the sound and making adjustments as needed. It is very tempting to believe you can "set and forget" the microphones and get good audio. Not really true. Find a partner who really wants to get good at sound, put them on your team, and you and they will quickly determine what equipment (and what techniques) yield the best results for your situation. But if you don't monitor and actively adapt, you are asking for trouble (or in need of audio overkill--not a budget-friendly option).

May 22, 2017 at 5:38AM


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