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Starting a short film with a budget

Hi, So I have some money saved up specifically for a budget for a short film, I"ve actually never shot a short film with a "real" crew and was wondering if i had money layering around what is the most important piece,

I have all of the video gear equipment needed for a film, Camera, Lights, audio, which are the most important,

I need crew, DP, actors

where is my money best spent?

possible budget 3k good enough?

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You can shoot a lot for that budget, especially if you already have gear.

But what it really comes down to is what do you want to invest in, and your question is hard to answer based on the information you've given.

For example, a sci-fi film with a lot of effects is likely to cost more than a family drama or comedy. A one-day shoot will cost less than a one month shoot (and yes, some shorts can take that long, but it would be weird for a short to take that long - some features don't shoot that long).

All other things being equal, I would recommend offering your cast and crew at least a little bit of money - even offering $50 per day will greatly increase the quality of people you can find willing to work with you.

Save money for production design (things like props, set decoration, etc), makeup, and FOOD (craft services). I forget who said it, but I heard a director recently say that it's more important to spend money on what's in front of the camera rather than behind the camera (except for craft services).

Figure out your shooting schedule, figure out what you can spend on cast and crew for each day, with money set aside for production design, make-up, and craft services.

That's what I do, and it works pretty well for me.

August 13, 2018 at 3:37PM

Michael Head
Director, DP

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