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Travelshot from above, how?


Can anybody give me any advice on what's the best way to film a scene from above whilst the camera (slowly) moves from left to right?

I want to shoot a film in which a lot of people are in one bed (no, this is not a gangbang porn ;) ) but to keep the element of surprise I want to start close and slowely show more and more people.

Any tips etc. are more than welcome!



The simplest way is to rig an upside-down slider, so your camera hangs underneath the slider and can point down or at an angle. This usually requires the better made sliders as the cheaper ones may not work properly when mounted upside-down.

If you're renting you might see if you can find a Dana Dolly which runs on long steel poles and would be very easy to rig above a bed. A Dana Dolly costs about $1000 to buy, so it shouldn't cost too much to rent. Here's a photo of a Dana Dolly with the camera mounted underneath: http://goo.gl/L42uqh

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Ronin M or equivalent gimbal mounted on the rope is another option.

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Jib / krane on a track.
That way you don't need to attach things to walls or ceilings.
And you can choose to start real close and let the camera rise as you move sideways.
This setup will require quite some (rented) gear (jib, dolly, tracks, remote follow focus, all other things needed).

If it needs to be no budget:
Put matras on the floor, but a large strong dinnertable across it.
Set up tripod with floorcross and countweights in such a way it looks down from the table.
Do a pan. Avoid the edges of the fake bed.
Shoot the rest of the scenes with a real bed and nobody will notice you used this trick.

I once used this trick without the pan for the end shot of this video:

Good sliders can indeed be mounted upside down, but you will either see the tripods or need a way to suspend it. Most sliders are shorter than beds are wide.
A gimbal on rope could also work, but you'll need to be pretty sure about how to suspend it safely (imagine 10 or 20 lbs crash into the bed) with pullies in the walls to be able to move it sideways with you making the gimbal shake in perpendicular direction of the movement.

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