September 17, 2015 at 12:49PM


Video Mashup Artists Wanted

Hello, NFS community!

We’re an LA-based startup building a destination site for remix culture and a platform for creators in this space. We’re empowering creators with access to premium content, allowing them to incorporate movie footage, hit songs, news footage into their work in a legal and monetizable way. Through our platform, not only will you be able to make money from your creative work, you'll also get access to unique and never-seen-before footage to work with. We’re aiming to pull together and create a spotlight for mashup culture and create a centralized source for audiences to find this type of content.

We’re currently working with some of the top audio/visual remix artists in this space and are looking to expand our creator pool. We’d love to find more talented, passionate creators to be part of our invite-only Early Access launch.

Other than here at NFS, does anyone have suggestions on other good places to find these type of creatives? Other websites? If anyone knows of good LA-based meetups or groups for this brand of creative, that would also be great.

If you’re interested in being a creator on our platform, please let us know -- we’d love to hear from you:
Please send us a link to your remix/mashup/video work (your YouTube channel, editing demo reel, etc.)
While we appreciate service offers, in this regard, we’re looking for creators (not production houses offering contract video services) -- creatives who ideally have projects they want to author

Not sure what a good mashup looks like? Here are some examples:

Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead

Breaking Bad Remix

Notorious B.I.G. Hypnotize

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