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Why some movies are shot on 23.976 instead of true 24fps

I have noticed that some movies are shot on 23.976fps instead of true 24fps. For example, on the terminator genisys, shot on ALEXA, the camera was set to 23.976fps (just search for the behind the scenes and look at the camera screen). As far as i know, the movie theater works in 24fps, so why they choose to shot on 23.976fps if they have an ALEXA?

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"It's really not a picture issue. You can show 23.976 at 24 fps and vice-versa, it looks the same, there is no conversion needed. It's a sync issue for editing and mixing audio. Once you create a final master with audio at 23.976, I don't think there is any conversion necessary to show it at 24 fps, but I'm not sure. But I've shot about ten features at 23.976 and the only one where we had problems was the first digital feature I shot, where I used 24, not 23.976. The editor said that the audio during the mix kept slipping in sync. So I've never used 24 since then." - David Mullen

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Clark McCauley

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