I'm pretty sure that when we're all starting as young filmmakers, we're satisfied with holding the camera and leaning slightly out of a car window to get those moving car shots we all love. But it's not the steadiest or most secure way to shoot.

Why not step up your car cinematography with an easy-to-build DIY rig? It's simple and pretty affordable, and will safely hold your camera for elevated shots. Check out the how-to video from Premium Beat below.

What you'll need:

Use the U bolts to attach your wooden platform to your suction cups, then drill a space for your camera plate. Make sure everything is secure before you test it on a motor vehicle, using your wrench to tighten the U bolts. You'll also want to give yourself some room to maneuver the suction cups. And that's about it! You can do all of this for less than $50.

Rob has some additional tips at the Premium Beat blog, where he reminds readers to practice safe shooting and to get permits for longer shoots where you have no access control.

If this isn't your cup of tea, you might look into another type of car rig, the hostess tray. You can buy them from places like Matthews Studio Equipment or Griptech, but this is another one you can easily build on your own.

You can learn more about car mounts and shooting in and around cars below.

Source: Premium Beat