COMICA has been teasing a new product on its Instagram page since late December, and today has released Traxshot, a supercardioid shotgun mic that can be mounted on a camera, rigged to a cage with a smartphone setup, or connected to a computer to record voiceovers. 

The Traxshot features a unique design with two separate audio capsules that can be positioned for different recording environments, adding to the versatility of the microphone.

  • Mono: Capsules are positioned forward
  • Stereo: Either at 30° or 90° XY recording 
  • Bi-directional: One aimed forward, another backward


The straightforward design includes a separate 3.5mm headphone input to monitor the microphone and a 3.5mm output on the left side of the unit. A power button activates the device while a mode button cycles through the different capsule positions. There's also a gain dial to adjust the microphone level.

A small display highlights both the mode and battery life. An internal lithium battery powers the unit and is rechargeable through its USB-C connection. The USB port also serves to update the device through firmware. If there's a nearby sound from an AC unit or refrigerator, the low cut filter cuts out any low frequencies, generally between 20 Hz and 150 Hz. 

The specs show the microphone has a 20-20kHz frequency range and a signal-to-noise ratio of 60 dB. That said, you'll have to tune the gain of the microphone and the audio settings of your camera to find out what works best for your audio setup. Generally, if you keep the audio input level of your camera on the low side while turning the level of the microphone up, it should be more effective in reducing noise. 


As with any inexpensive microphone or handheld recorder, the one thing to look out for is how well it blocks noise from GSM cellphones. A clicking and buzzing sound can bleed into the track if the device isn't properly shielded. The Traxshot has a metal design that's said to offer better shielding.

The mic capsules feature an internal windproof design, but COMICA includes a furry for both capsules in the box. The company also includes a TRS and TRRS cable to easily output the audio to a camera or smartphone. 

To reduce handling noise, the cold shoe mount has a shock absorption design. That said, it's always best to keep your hands away from the microphone while recording and limit any unnecessary movement. 

The Traxshot is available now for $179.