Crypto is slowly entering the common space. We just learned the AMC mobile app now lets you buy tickets and concessions with Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and other cryptocurrencies. The announcement was made by the company’s CEO Adam Aron via Twitter on Friday: 

AMC stated back in November that it was exploring how to accept other forms of payment, and have discovered a way to support cryptocurrencies through a Bitpay integration. 

Paying for popcorn and movie tickets using crypto on AMC’s mobile app is simple. The process is still the same, but you select Bitpay as your payment method at checkout. From there, you can connect your crypto wallet (which supports cryptocurrencies like Coinbase) or get an address where you can send your chosen cryptocurrency to complete the purchase. 

Bitpay supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but AMC has allowed moviegoers to purchase tickets with those for a few months through PayPal. According to The Verge, the number of people who will actually pay with crypto won’t change the ticket sales for AMC. However, it is possible the meme stock crowd could be into the idea of using their crypto to purchase tickets to the newest release. 

Right now, a matinee screening of Sonic 2 and a large popcorn and drink combo cost 213.539627 DOGE or 1,204,739.704740 SHIB. Although there are no drastic differences between using federal currency or crypto, it’s interesting to see AMC opening up another line of currency usage through its mobile app. 

If you have a hole burning in your crypto wallet, then make sure to update your AMC mobile app before purchasing your tickets. 

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Source: The Verge