The new little BP-TRX from Deity solves a lot of on-set audio problems in one little package. Announced last year, it's finally available for pre-order. We took a look at the handy audio tool!

Deity Microphones BP-TRX

  • Compatible with Deity Connect wireless systems
  • Can be used as a transmitter, receiver, or recorder
  • Has a range of 100 meters
  • 12Hrs TX and RX Mode
  • 21Hrs REC Only Mode
  • +25Hrs TC Box Mode
  • Able to take up to 128Gb Micro SD

Audio on set used to be pretty simple. You used a clap-slate to keep it in sync and recorded to 1/4" tape from a single boom pole. But as our technology has gotten more sophisticated, our needs have grown as well. While we still use a clapper slate as a backup, tight post timelines mean that timecode sync is preferred.


With the tiny, 430g BP-TRX from Deity, you can now do all of those things in one box. It works both as a receiver and a transmitter. You can hook it up to a lavalier and put it in someone's pocket as a wireless transmitter. You can put it on your mixer as a receiver. Or you can put it on the camera to receive something transmitted from the mixer. You can even hook it to a set of headphones as a director's monitor.


Imagine the scenario of a multi-camera shoot where you want to be able to bring all your cameras together into post and have them just sync together automatically without any extra work (remember, we never have much time in post these days).

With these devices, you jam-sync the timecode together, then mount one to each camera, and they'll deliver timecode to each one, keeping them in sync. This is traditionally something you need to buy an extra device to do, but with the TRX it all comes as part of the package.


It does all this from an internal battery that gives you 130 minutes of working time, which is plenty for an interview or a stand-up. If you need more time, it takes power via USB-C, which is increasingly common for smaller film accessories, so you can run a USB cable from your battery or power distribution to keep it going all day without thinking about it.

Available now as individual units or in kits that combine two BP-TRX for timecode or two units and a receiver for independent productions.