There has been some big news surrounding drones in the last few weeks, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ruling that starting in 2023 drones will need to be fitted with a "Remote ID" that broadcasts not only the location of the drone but the location of the operator as well. The kicker is that it affects all drones, meaning older drones will also need to be fitted with a Remote ID to take to the skies.

The European Aviation Safety Agency and the EU have also streamlined new regulations that cover commercial and casual drone operators.

And first reported by DroneDJ, DJI has been added to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Entity List over "human rights abuses." Being on the list bans US-based companies from exporting technology to the company. If you want to read more about what it means, how it affects DJI, and what happens going forward, we encourage you to read the DroneDJ article

That aside, DJI has updated the Mini 2, and to take advantage of the latest features, users will need to download aircraft firmware v01.02.0000 and update the DJI Fly App to v1.2.2.

The notable change is higher frame rates while shooting 2.7K including 60, 50, and 48fps. Previously, the Mini 2 topped out at 2.7K 30p. Other new features are highlighted below: 

  • Added zoom to photo mode
  • Added 48/50/60fps shooting frame rate for 2.7K video
  • Optimized Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity, providing a faster and more stable connection
  • Increased flight stability in some scenarios
  • Fixed issue: abnormal color appeared in panoramic DNG photos
  • Fixed rare issue: abnormal texture appeared in the upper left corner in 4K videos

In our review of the Mini 2, we were very impressed by the drone. It would be a great starting point for any hobbyist or creator. 

If you own the Mini 2, the DJI Fly app should prompt the update for the aircraft, and you can update the mobile app through the app store if your device doesn't download updates automatically.

If you're having any trouble, visit the official DJI website to download the updates directly.