Anyone who has worked in sound knows that you do some crazy things to get the audio you need. From the "glug" of water coming out of a jug to getting your portliest friend to sit on the squeakiest bench for the right creak. 

Well lucky for all of you, someone decided to help put you ahead of the game. 

Geoff Brooman, an audio engineer based in North Wales and the North West, UK, spent some time destroying fruits and veggies to create some quality sound effects that he's giving away for free—and they can really boost the profile and depth of your scenes. 

You can learn how to make the sound effects yourself below.

The sounds in this free pack for a range of filmmaking applications. All 24Bit/48KHz and totally free, but we suggest you donate something to support this guy doing the filmmaking world a huge favor. 

To download the pack just go HERE.

You'll also find some other freebies there to make your day even better. 

It's amazing to get free things, especially in these trying times. In Geoff's words, "The pack is totally free, all I ask is that you respect the Creative Commons Attribution License and credit 'Aturax Audio (' if you use any of my sounds." 

We strongly encourage you to also donate to help him outno matter how smallbut only if you feel these sounds are worthy and only if you can afford to do so!

Happy shooting...