When it comes to creating the look of your project, there are endless references available from photography, art, and other films. Creating the finished look will be one of the things you'll mull over the most because of how much it impacts the story and your audience.

What is a LUT? In short, a lookup table, AKA LUT, can be a great reference point when starting to build the visual language of your film. 

The team over atReverse Tree Productions has put together a sizable LUT pack that's completelyfree to download. The LUT pack not only includes LUTs, but utility LUTs, film grains, and black bar layers. 


What Does This Free Cinematic LUTS Pack Include?

The LUT pack has 56 free different LUTS for different scenarios like weddings, TV, commercials, traveling videos, landscapes, Rec.709, and so on.

It also includes some utility LUTS and film grain overlays of 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm, and a cinematic black bar PNG file with a ratio of 2.35:1, which helps you to create a more cinematic look quickly and save a ton of time.

How to Use LUTS Effectively

To use LUTS effectively, you have to understand the footage first, which means whether your footage is 10-bit, 8-bit, RAW, Log, or standard. These things create a huge difference in the color grading process.

If your footage is 10-bit, it allows you to push the colors more than 8-bit. Same as with Log, since Log footage allows you to retain maximum details from highlights and shadows, but in standard footage, it can be very hard to retain those details. 


How to Use Film Overlays 

Film grain overlays are simple video clips. You have to drag and drop the grain layer to your main footage and change the opacity into the Overlay. You can alter the grain intensity by adjusting the opacity value. Film grains can add a film feel to the otherwise clean digital video. 

You can download the free 56 LUT packhere.

You can also download their first free LUT packhere

Do you have tips for using LUTs? Leave them in the comments.

Source: Reverse Tree Productions