Since we’ve gotten a chance to do a full hands-on review of the eMotimo Spectrum ST (as well as with the full DanaDolly buildout), No Film School now has some key pieces of advice to offer for all filmmakers and videographers to consider.

Firstly though, we do have to shout-out the eMotimo Spectrum ST for its precision motion control options, which really are endless and open the door for a much more systematic (and cinematic) approach to setting shots and creating unique compositions. The Spectrum ST really shines when combined with the DanaDolly for everything from interviews, to product shots, to more advanced VFX plates (more on those below).

Cinematic Interviews

As you can see in the video above, the eMotimo Spectrum ST can be a powerful tool for shooting cinematic interviews which are damn near impossible without the precision controls (and relatively easy setup). Perfect for shooting uniformity across all your interview setups, as well as serving as an additional camera operator when on a short crew, adding controlled motion (along a DanaDolly or other surface) with the eMotimo Spectrum ST’s range can add a huge layer of depth and dynamics to your interviews.

VFX Cloning

A more advanced technique, but for those looking to explore VFX cloning for their shots, using precision controlled motion opens up new avenues for creating rich and layered shots and scenes. As you can see in the example above, a quick 4 pass of repeatable shots, when aligned for timing and with masking, can open some awesome cloning opportunities to put subjects (or products or other objects) across 3D space.

Dana Dolly Timelapses

Certainly one of the most popular uses for motion control units like eMotimo Spectrum ST would be everyone’s favorite motion timelapse. As you can see above in the video by Youtuber Mike Hall, the eMotimo Spectrum ST can be once again combined with the DanaDolly (a 30-footer in this example) for some breathtaking timelapse footage (shot on a Sony A7 III over 12 hours above). Here’s another cool example on Instagram.