We know Robert Eggers as the man who brings history to life with his wild and challenging movies like The Witch, The Lighthouse, and the upcoming The Northman. But every filmmaker had a beginning. Eggers' early work includes a 26-minute short film that tells the fable of Hansel and Gretel in eerie black and white. 

Check out his student film below. 

This creepy, silent movie shows lots of the pillars of his work today. We have his decisive camera movements, creepy lighting, and methodical approach to storytelling. I also love his genuine honor and enthusiasm for older horror movies. You can see his appreciation for the silent era masterpieces like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

It's also great to see how far he's come.

This is not a perfect movie, but it shows vision. As you make more and more films, your skills will hone with time. This came out over a decade ago, and he's only gotten better since. This shows the argument that making more means learning more. 

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