Set life is nuts, so it's easy to forget to bring important tools, gear, and supplies when it comes time to shoot. Like, yeah sure, you've got your camera, stabilizer, and plenty of batteries, but damn, that cable keeps dangling in the shot and you have no way to secure it, and frick, you really need to find a lens, but you can't even see inside of your gear bag. 

You need stuff to help you do stuff, right? So, let's talk about some stuff you'll absolutely 100% need when you're on set.

In this video, Josh Quillin shares six essential pieces of equipment that you may not know you'll need until you need it. Check it out below:

Here are the essential tools Josh mentions in the video:

  • Tape: Lots of it and different kinds, sizes, and colors. Gaff tape is essential, but if you want to save a few bucks, you can also use blue painters tape.
  • Flashlight: Having an actual flashlight (not the one in your phone) is great to have around, since sets, locations, and insides of gear bags can get dark.
  • Multi-tool: You're going to need a bunch of random tools to use on the fly, including screwdrivers, knives, and hex keys. Multi-tools have a lot of the ones you'll need.
  • Lens cleaners: Lenses get dirty, especially when you're shooting outdoors. Make sure you have an air blower, lens cloth, and other lens cleaning supplies handy.
  • Bongo ties: These things are not only great for holding stuff in place but they're small enough to store anywhere. You can also use Gear Ties...I like those.
  • Grip/AC pouch: You gotta have something to store all of this stuff in, right? Get yourself a good grip pouch that you can easily access. Josh uses a $40 CineBag in the video, but there are tons of other options...I wouldn't even scoff at using a friggin' fanny pack.

Now, this is by no means a complete list. There are many, many, many weird, random things that really come on handy during a shoot, like plastic bags, Sharpies, and phone chargers. For more ideas on what you should bring to set, check out these articles.

What tools do you always have on set? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Josh Quillin