There is no hotter show this summer than HBO's Euphoria. Sam Levinson's teen drama became an audience favorite and even caught the attention of Leonardo DiCaprio. But there's more to the show than just gripping storytelling and really cool camera work. 

Plus, an intimacy coordinator making sure every sex scene happens with safety and professionalism. 

Recently, HBO gave a behind the scenes tour of the Euphoria sets and let us into the magic of how a show like that is created. 

Check out this video from the official Euphoria YouTube channel then let's talk after the jump. 

What did we learn from the behind-the-scenes video? 

Euphoria shoots on the Sony lot and takes up a few sound stages. What blew my mind is that the school and most of the homes are actual practical sets built for the show. That gives the filmmakers tons of control over the visuals they want in each scene and the ability to accomplish said visuals practically. 

Watching the different lighting schemes they preset with color as well is also very intriguing, we don't usually see this type of detail explored in BTS reels. This means they spend less time lighting and more time adjusting with the camera. 

In the makeup trailer, it was fascinating to see how they track the hair and makeup of each character. While it is commonplace, I can't remember a show that relied so heavily on people with such distinct looks. When you're shooting something like "The Carnival" episode, which was in production for six days, you constantly have to be matching the looks day-to-day for continuity. 

Still, aside from that episode, most other parts of the show are filmed indoors on the lot. 


Because when you want to execute visuals unlike what's on TV, you need the literal room to get creative. 

Sam Levinson wanted to find the highs and lows of drug use. And to do that, he had to storyboard and build his vision. So they built an entire room on a Gimbal, so the techno-crane dollies into the hallway, as the Gimbal turns the hallway. That means it's all happening practically. 

And Zendaya has to act off it. 

The extras? Yeah, they're STRAPPED TO THE GROUND so that can spin without looking like they're submitting to the laws of gravity. 

What's your favorite shot in Euphoria

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