In a Tweet, FilmConvert announced that they've released a new camera pack for Sony's a7S III, one of our favorite full-frame mirrorless cameras that came out this year. The pack is available across all three of the company's programs, including the original FilmConvert, FilmConvert Nitrate, and the recently released CineMatch

FilmConvert and Nitrate have been popular among creators for their film stock looks and grading tools. The easy-to-use plugins allow you to emulate over a dozen different stocks and grains including Kodak 5207, Fuji Vivid 8543, and Polaroid 600. Now with the Sony a7S III added to the mix, it allows filmmakers to more accurately grade footage when applying the film stock. 

Besides the Sony a7S III, FilmConvert supports cameras from 16 different manufacturers, from Apple iPhone and ARRI to Canon, RED, Nikon, and Z Cam, among others. With the camera pack, it allows you to easily match the look of multiple camera sources when applying the film stock to footage. Pretty cool. 

The a7S III camera pack is available for both plug-in and standalone versions of the programs on Windows or Mac. You can download all the latest camera packs for FilmConvert here.

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