Have you ever had those shoot days where you forget a specific piece of equipment or don’t have the right cables or didn’t get all of the shots on your shot list? You’re not alone. 

At one point in our filmmaking careers, we have forgotten some things here and there and promise ourselves to never do that again… except we forget, again and again. So how do we stop forgetting things and get organized? 

DIYPhotographyshared how they keep their workflow organized and maintain focus on what they are filming, rather than what they do or don't have.

Let’s break down the tips and tricks that may help improve your workflow when you’re going, on, and leaving a location. 

Going to Location 

It is always great to have a sizable kit of gear ready to go at all times. The kit should include all the cameras, attachments, and cables you need to capture every shot on your shot list. 

When packing your kit, double-check to make sure you have everything needed, including fully charged batteries for your gear, and place them in their dedicated cases. Every piece of gear must have a designated spot to ensure that nothing is moving freely and gets lost while packing or unpacking. 

To make life easier when you arrive at the location, it is always nice to have a camping cart ready to carry your gear from your car to the filming location. Using a camping cart will save you a few trips and energy as you start to unload.  

On Location

Once you arrive at the location and have unpacked your vehicle, go through the shot list. Comb through and group the shots by time or location.

To transfer your camera from location to location, it is great to have something like the Manfrotto Move Quick Release to make transferring easy without needing extra hands. 

Prioritize the shots you need to get before filming the B-roll. If you don’t get all of the shots on your shot list, then you might run out of shots to use for editing and find yourself wishing you focused on what you needed to get. 

_manfrotto_move_quick_releaseSyrp Magic Carpet + Genie sliderCredit: DIYPhotography

Leaving Location 

As you tear down and start packing up your gear, double-check everything that is being put back into its designated spot. This will make sure you don’t leave any items behind, as well as create an easy and sufficient workflow. 

When you are wrapping up your cables, try using cable velcros to keep the wires tight so you can neatly place them in their designated spots. 

Hopefully, these tips and tricks help you to make your workflow more efficient. It can be hard to find a method that keeps you and your mind organized, but it is important to keep the task at hand the number-one priority. Don’t think that you have everything you need, but know by following these tips. 

Do you have any other tips and tricks to help filmmakers stay organized? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: DIYPhotography