One of the things that keeps me going in the torrid world of Hollywood is the incredible group of friends I've made along the way. When I need notes on a spec, or an introduction to someone new, or just words of encouragement, I can count on them.

It turns out I'm not that different than David Fincher.

Fincher is friends with lots of people, including Steven Soderbergh. And when you're friends with Soderbergh, apparently, he helps you edit your movie.

This tweet trended over the weekend as Fincher's The Killer was released by Netflix in select theaters. It tells the story of Fincher sending scenes, or maybe the whole movie, to Soderbergh to watch. Then, Soderbergh re-editng scenes to show Fincher, who liked them, better than his own, so he kept them.

This kind of ego-less back and forth should be a lesson to us all.

Fincher and Soderbergh are at the top of Hollywood, but each still was able to be friends and work together to make something a little better. And give credit to one another.

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