Glen Powell is the beacon of hope in Hollywood, covered in a devastating fog of uncertainty. We've talked about the lack of movie stars working today, but Powell is the exception to the rule.

He's been acting since he was a kid, but seems like he hit the stratosphere after his scene-stealing role in Top Gun: Maverick and breakout romantic comedy, Anyone But You.

Powell may be the last movie star we ever have, with streaming taking over and fewer faces breaking through the noise.

In a recent interview with GQ, Powell put all his movie fandom on display, nerding out over different sets, talking about a bingo card of roles he wants, and describing what it's like to finally be in the limelight after decades of missed opportunities and different roles.

Powell clearly loves cinema, which I think is the most important quality of any movie star.

He says, I always find the coolest part about making a movie is you never know what one’s gonna survive the test of time,” Powell says. “Or when something small, like a bust, is gonna be held with reverence. You could make a movie and nobody gives a shit about anything from the movie. And then you make something and they hold it with reverence, you know?”

In the same GQ interview, Powell also opened up about how Tom Cruise has actually been schooling him on how to be a movie star.

He pulled pranks of Powell while filming Top Gum, but he also took the time to get Powell a film school education.

Cruise surprised Powell by sending him to an LA movie theater to watch a six-hour film. Powell, expecting a group viewing, found himself alone. The film featured Cruise discussing his filmmaking knowledge and experiences directly to the camera. Cruise has stated that this film is exclusively for his friends and will not be released publicly.

Powell said, “[Cruise] is like: ‘Do we all agree that this is what a camera is? This is the difference between a film camera and a digital camera…’” Powell continued, “The funniest part is on flying. It was like he put together this entire flight school. So he would literally go ‘OK, this is what a plane is. Here’s how things fly. Here’s how air pressure works.’”

Honestly, that sounds like such an amazing experience and the sort of surreal thing only movie stars get to do in their lives.

So what is it like having Tom Cruise as a mentor? Powell elaborated, “The one thing I feel we’re kindred spirits in is he’s obsessed with movies. That was our love language on set. I got to watch a guy who knew every department. He was able to clearly interface with everyone, and be so friendly and respectful and be able to communicate that vision.”

Sounds like he's in good hands moving forward.

Powell has the movie Hit Man, which is now in theaters and on Netflix June 7th. It's directed by Richard Linklater and co-written by Powell. And Twisters, the sequel to the popular 90s hit, comes out in July.

For Hollywood to remain Hollywood, we need movie stars. And we're in a good place if we can get any of them like Glen Powell.