While most of us are itching to get back onto bigger sets and are only able to shoot smaller, socially distanced productions, there is a big need for small, light LED units that can serve a diverse array of needs. Lights that can do a great setup on Zoom, and on a two-person interview setup. Lights that are versatile.

Godox has rolled out a whole host of new LEDs that feel custom targeted at our particular moment in history.

One unit that is particularly relevant to the current workplace environment is the CL10 Webcasting Ambient Light. While there are a lot of options for the lighting setup for your subject, with popular ring lights from Neewer or the MC30 from Aputure on a small stand doing a great job, Godox has focused on the background with the CL10.

LED Webcasting Ambient Light CL10LED Webcasting Ambient Light CL10Credit: Godox

If you are like most of us, you are webcasting or attending Zoom meetings in front of an off-white wall. The CL10 is designed to fix that by allowing you to color the wall whatever you want it to be. While this seems simple, in a small space it can be complicated to set up a light properly to cover a wall evenly. The CL10 is designed for a very wide throw of light, to cover a relatively large wall from up close, making it perfect for when you are doing a Zoom meeting from your studio apartment.

It comes with full RGB color control, giving you the ability to create pretty much any color background you might desire. On top of that, it comes with pre-programmed effects, though some of them are going to be more useful than others. While the candlelight effect will be popular with many streamers or even professors doing a lecture, the police car lighting effect will likely not get used quite as often.

For more punchy units that are less likely to show up on a Zoom call but are still small, light, nimble units that make sense on small shoots, Godox has refreshed their S lineup, with a new SZ150R, SZ200Bi, and SL150IIBi.

These three lights are all similar yoke-mounted lights, designed with a Bowens mount for barn doors or softbox, that are powerful enough to make a useful on-set lighting unit.

The SL150IIBi is the simplest of the units, sacrificing zoom power for a lighter weight. The SZ200bi is more powerful, and adds zoom power, allowing you to focus in the light where you want it, and change it from daylight to tungsten. These lights all compare well to the Aputure 120x units released late last year.

Where the lights get really interesting is with the SZ150R, which is a punchy, zoomable light unit that outputs full RGB color control. While RGB is very common in soft light units, for punch units bi-color or even just daylight is more common at this price point; you normally would have to go up to something like the Hive units to get RGB control. While the SZ150R with full RGB isn't going to be as bright as the SZ200bi, if you don't need the power but need the control, it's a fascinating unit.

Godox has also launched its own version of tube lights starting with the TL60 tubes, which are about 750mm, or 30 inches, long. 


Tube lights are of course massively popular, with standout units from Astera and Quasar dominating the market, but these are closer in comparison to something like the Nanlite PavoTubes we reviewed last year. Full RGB control via on-body controls or an app, or a remote control allows users to set up precisely the light they want, and the built-in batteries make it easy to place it wherever they want.

While they aren't water-resistant like the Pavotubes, they do offer full DMX control over ethernet, which is huge. If you are looking for tube lights to integrate into a bigger scene with full remote control, these are units to look at.

Godox has just dropped a selection with something for just about everybody doing small, mobile productions.