Every year a group in Hollywood nominates the worst of the year. And every year there's a backlash that eventually fades away. This year, The Golden Raspberry Awards nominated a 12-year-old girl for her performance in a movie, and it seems like there's finally enough energy behind stopping this madness. 

And we have to stop this madness. 

The Golden Raspberry Awards are trash. And if you like them, you're trash too.

If you're behind the eightball, let me catch you up.  

The Razzies, also known as the Golden Raspberry Awards, is an annual awards ceremony that honors the worst films of the year. While the idea of recognizing the worst films may seem like a fun and harmless concept, there are several reasons why the Razzies are ultimately bad for the film industry, audiences, and humanity.

Let's dive in. 

Do the Razzies matter in the industry?Ben Affleck with his RazzieCredit: The Razzie

The Golden Raspberry Awards Are Trash

This isn't some Hellerman hot take or some social justice campaign. It's about common decency. If you are working in Hollywood, you are working as an artist. If you like watching movies, you like appreciating art. 

You don't have to love it all because no one thinks you will, but they think you'll be civil. 

No one wants to hear what you think is the worst, and no one wants to see you hold an awards ceremony roasting them.

Save it for your group threads and in-person conversations. 

If you're a critic, then I bet you can talk about things in an educated and informed manner. Do that. It's okay not to like something, there are plenty of movies I hate, but I don't go around making lists of them and nominating people in them to embarrass them. 

Form critical opinions and write clearly. Don't nominate a "worst-of-the-year" list. It's so dumb. Have some self-respect. 

Do the Razzies matter in the industry?The Golden Raspberry AwardCredit: The Razzie

Why do I hate the Raspberry Awards? 

First and foremost, the Razzies perpetuate the idea that films that are not critically acclaimed are not worth watching. The films that are nominated for Razzies are often dismissed and ridiculed rather than viewed as valid forms of entertainment. This can lead to a culture of snobbery and elitism in the film industry, where only certain types of films are considered "worthy" of attention.

It also devalues the efforts of people who took a big swing or tried to make something entertaining, only to have that fail. 

Who among us has not failed once in a while? Who wants another chance? 

Additionally, the Razzies can be seen as a form of bullying. Case in point, nominating a child. That's assholery. It's fuckery. 

Filmmakers and actors who are nominated for Razzies often face public ridicule and humiliation, which can be detrimental to their careers. This can discourage new and emerging filmmakers from taking risks and experimenting with new ideas, as they may be afraid of being nominated for a Razzie.

It's neutering art and flogging artists. 

Another issue with the Razzies is that they are often seen as being arbitrary and subjective. The nominees and winners are determined by a small group of people, rather than being based on a fair and objective criterion. This can lead to films being nominated and awarded based on personal biases and preferences, rather than on their actual merit.

But who cares? This group of petty people is not representative of a whole and is doing something nonsensical. 

Furthermore, many films that are nominated for Razzies are not necessarily bad, but rather films that are a product of the Hollywood system that may have been mishandled in some way or just be daring enough to take chances other films might not.

So, why spend time trying the end the careers of the dreamers who tried something? I do not get it. 

The Razzies may seem like a harmless, fun concept, but they ultimately do more harm than good for the film industry and audiences. They're bitter, worthless, and enjoyed by garbage people. 

Let's do anything else with our time.