Late last year Amazon released a baby-centric teaser for the new show, HANNA,  based on the 2011 Joe Wright film. 

Now, the upcoming series has a new teaser that debuted during the Golden Globes last night. 

The series will star Esme Creed-Miles in the role originally played by Saorsie Ronan. Joel Kinnaman will play Hanna’s father Erik, and Mireille Enos will play the FBI agent tracking the pair down. This is a really cool repairing of Kinnaman and Enos who previously worked together on AMC’s The Killing. The duo had amazing chemistry in The Killing, so I am pumped to see them working on another series together. 


Amazon’s Hanna was created by the film’s co-writer, David Farr, who also wrote the show The Night Manager on BBC. Hanna comes to Amazon in March. So get ready! 

Well, now, in time for the Super Bowl, Amazon has dropped the official Hanna trailer! 

The first episode will be streamable right after the big game, on February 3rd. 

The rest of the show becomes available in March on the streaming service. 

Here is the official synopsis for the original film:

"Raised by her father in the Finnish wilderness, teenage Hanna has trained all her life to be the perfect assassin. Her father sends her on a mission, and she stealthily makes her way across Europe while evading agents sent after her by a ruthless operative named Marissa, who once worked with Hanna’s father. As she draws closer to her target, Hanna faces startling revelations about her existence and begins to question her humanity."