Popular download platform Hedge has been on a bit of tear lately. It's probably best known for a lot of the little features that make life easier when downloading a lot of media on set, such as the ability to only backup what it can tell is new media on a card if you didn't format properly. But they made big waves a few weeks ago by acquiring Postlab, and now they have a new, deep integration with Frame.io that very clearly moves that online "work in progress" review platform closer and closer to being a full dailies and editorial cloud solution.


Hedge now integrates Frame.io into their interface as a discrete destination. By taking advantage of the built-in power of the Frame.io dedicated uploader and watch folders that automatically and quickly sync to the AWS cloud that Frame.io is built on, Hedge allows users to make a local copy with the confidence that it is also moving directly into the Frame.io ecosystem. Since the primary purpose of Hedge is to "hedge" your bets, making as many copies as possible to provide safety, having dedicated download spots that auto-sync to the cloud and start the edit process will be appreciated by many users.


One major hurdle to consider here is of course cloud storage pricing. While Frame.io can often be affordable on indie budgets when we are only uploading small, edited files for review and notes, the storage tiers get very expensive once we start pushing the full dailies for a project into the cloud.

Tech Specs

  • OSX or Windows
  • Hedge Connect for iOs will notify you when transfers are done
  • Connect with AppleScript
  • Checksum Verified backup copies from multiple copies and to multiple destinations

Available now in Hedge.

Source: Hedge