We’re looking for an experienced social media manager who has a passion for film and television. No Film School is the leading filmmaking website in the world, posting 8-12 stories a day to our large social media followings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

We are looking to tweak our strategy across the platforms while continuing to be effective at growing those already significant audiences. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Post new content daily across social media platforms
  • Maintain social media voice across platforms
  • Create social media strategy according to traffic and trending event
  • Push relevant legacy content across social media platforms
  • Interact with NFS community on our boards and across social media platforms
  • Track social media engagement and advise on improvements


  • Proficiency with social media management tools like Hootsuite and creative tools like Canva and Photoshop
  • Proficiency with all social media platforms, and skills in using tools that analyze social media platforms such as Parse.ly, SEM Rush, etc. 
  • Timeliness. Ability to regularly post text, video, and images that engage our market, follow online conversations on our social media accounts, and solve customer concerns using social media platforms. 
  • Communication. Great verbal and written communication skills are essential. Interact with writers, designers, and customers and report to senior management. Identify social media events such as an interesting hashtag or a sensitive topic and share appropriate content that aligns with our social media strategy.  
  • Creativity. Craft engaging content and graphics, and align content with trends and market changes to interest and engage our audience. 
  • Research. Be aware of social media trends, niche content on platforms, and techniques for engaging audiences.
  • Time management.                  

Rate: $750 per week

If interested, email a cover letter and resume to editor@nofilmschool.com with the subject line SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER.