What We Should Expect During the IATSE Strike (and How to Help)

Are you ready to be a part of IATSE's stand? 

We are getting close to the breaking point between IATSE's negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which have gone on now for weeks as union members ask for better working conditions in the entertainment industry.

IATSE president Matthew Loeb said that the union “will continue bargaining with the producers this week in the hopes of reaching an agreement that addresses core issues, such as reasonable rest periods, meal breaks, and a living wage for those on the bottom of the wage scale.”

But he also has said to expect a strike, so we wanted to share some of the information surrounding it.

On Monday, Oct. 18, 2021, IATSE is prepared to strike.

This will send 60,000 workers to the picket lines, with IATSE members directed to locations via their chapters. If you're in IATSE, check your local site for dates and times for marching.

For those outside IATSE, aside from posting in solidarity, consider bringing donuts and pizza to the picket members. And if you're higher up, consider vocalizing your support and pressuring the AMPTP to deal fairly and settle with IATSE.

And don't think about breaking the picket lines and being a scab.

If you do, it “will be in violation of the IATSE Constitution and Bylaws and will be subject to discipline by their Local and the International,” according to a Union Statement. You may also be subject to “public censure,” and if you're a non-IATSE member who scabs, you “jeopardize ever becoming members of this great Alliance.” So don't do it! 

Hopefully, this strike does not go on for a long time, but if it does, consider writing letters and making phone calls to support, and go back to those food options we dropped in the opening.

We'll try to keep you updated as things progress.      

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